Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bohemian Fur Vest Tutorial

Here's a project that I though I would share. A quick and easy bohemian fur vest made from recycled vintage clothing. Here is what you will need:

a thrifted vest (or leather coat with the sleeves removed). I used an 80's draped suede vest.

a thrifted fur coat. If it's in great condition, just wear it! But so many fur coats in thrift stores have developed holes with age and are perfect for recycling in other projects. I used a tattered 40's mink cape.

A regular sewing machine with a heavy duty needle (this will handle thin leather and fur, if you have thicker, stiff leather, you will need an industrial sewing machine) and thread.

1. First decide where you want to add the fur applique. I chose the vest lapels and wanted triangle epaullettes on the shoulders. So, I traced the lapels on paper to create a pattern and drew a simple triangle for the shoulders.
2.Remove the lining from your coat or cape. Now you'll be able to see from the inside where any damage or holes are. Trace your paper patterns pieces onto the inside of the fur, taking care to avoid any tears, button holes, or pocket openings. Hints: Keep in mind which direction the hair lays on the fur so that your cut pieces all flow in the same direction. Also, cutting fur is messy!

3. Now you need to tack the fur appliques to the vest! You can use pins, but pins leave permanent holes in leather. I prefer to tack leather pieces together using either leather glue or another glue like E600. This will keep them from shifting while sewing.
4. Start sewing! I used a simple zig-zag stitch around all of the edges of the applique while holding back the fur.
Now, the vest should be finished and ready to wear!

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