Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Belted Ankle Boots Tutorial

I came across THESE boots online and loved the bohemian meets Mad Max look and decided to recreate it for myself and share! They were a fun project that only took and hour and a half and require no sewing. Here is what you will need to make your own:

a pair of old cowboy boots
4 belts (either color coordinating, like I used or mix it up and add some color contrast)
craft glue such as E600
optional fabric belt or scarf (which I used)

1. Take your cowboy boots and cut down the center back about 3/4 of the way down the boots.
2. Now fold down the the boot shaft creating a deep cuff. At this point I used glue to hold the cuffs in place for wrapping with belts later.

3. Now it's time to get the belts ready! Depending on the belts that you use and their length you might be able to wrap them around the boots 1-2 times. For shorter belts, that can only wrap once I marked a new belt hole with a pen and trimmed off any extra length that would be awkward around the ankles. For longer belts that could wrap twice, all I needed to do was mark for a new belt hole. To create a new belt hole you can use a leather hole punch set, but if you don't have one taking an xacto knife or razor blade and cutting an X on the pen mark works just as well.

If you are going to add the optional fabric or scarf as I did, wrap it around the boot and trim off any extra.

4. Here's what we have now, all laid out. Cuffed boots, 4 belts (2 per boot) trimmed and holes added, and a fabric sash, cut down to size for the boots.

5. Time to start glueing! I started with the fabric sash, but if you don't plan on using one, just skip to the belts! I liked the fringe pom pom, so I folded it at an angle so that it would hang down and then covered the inside with glue. I then wrapped the sash so that the pom pom would be on the outside of the ankle and tucked the cut end of the sash under so that it wouldn't fray. I made sure that it was centered in the middle of the cuff. And, then added more glue for good measure!

6. Now for the belts! I put glue on the inside of the first belt then wrapped it around the boot, keeping to the bottom edge of the fabric sash. I made sure that the belt buckle would be on the outside ankle and the belt threaded so that any excess belt would hang to the back of the boot instead of sticking out in the front. With the belt hole you made earlier, you should be able to fasten the belt securely around the boot.
7. Repeat all of the above steps for the second belt. For the second belt I followed the top edge of the fabric sash.

8. The first boot is done! Repeat all of the above steps for the second boot and to finish the project. Here's the end result!

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