Sunday, February 26, 2012

Project: 1930s rescue

I spent the day out of the wind, working on a rescue project and listening to old radio broadcasts from the 40s-50s on the Internet Archives. I've recently discovered the old radio programs and have always held a fascination with the time before television, when the whole family would gather around the radio for the evening's entertainment! So, I've found that it's a really fun way to pass time while working on projects. I absolutely love the 40s detective/crime noir programs and the advertisements are amusing! If you want to feel transported to another time, there are tons of show you can listen to here.

But on to the project! This was  once a 1930s dress. I found it wadded in a ball, torn, and cut up. But, with a little work knew that it could be a bolero jacket. So, I spent the day resewing seams, fixing tears, and embroidering peacock feathers all while listening to the old broad casts. Here are the before and after pictures!

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