Sunday, February 12, 2012

Project: Rings on her fingers

I spent a good portion of yesterday making rings. All of these will be up in the store soon. It feels like so long since I've had the chance to sit uninterrupted for a few hours and create new jewelry pieces. Above is just a sampling of what I made. The one ring I am really into is the red quartz crystal cluster cocktail ring. Here's a close up.

I love the side profile! It looks like a crystal skyscraper city. And, the photos definitely don't do the crystals justice. They are a dark red/purple that can be iridescent when hit by the sun. It is actually the companion ring to THIS necklace that I listed recently in the store.

Unless they prove to be very popular, these might be the only two crystal pieces that I ever make. Hand setting all those tiny crystals is extremely time intensive (which = higher labor costs = higher overall price) and it might put them out of the affordability range of many people and the resin stuff used to set them has some seriously bad vapors! But, it was fun to try once and broaden my skills and only time will tell if they sell!

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