Thursday, March 1, 2012

Everything is Better with a Buffalo: Vintage photo of the week and a quick DIY

I found this photo via Pinterest and I love buffalos. I'm not well versed in Native American customs, but they must be my totem animal, or something, because I'm infatuated with them and collect pictures, tshirts, or anything with a buffalo printed on it. So, here is a photograph of a buffalo running taken in 1887, by Eadweard Muybridge. And I thought it was a fitting photo for the next part of today's post.

I know that southwestern/tribal themes and patterns are very prominent right now. So, I decided to add a little southwestern style to my wardrobe with this quick DIY tshirt. I remember painting tshirts as a kid in the 80s and this is the grown up version, sans puff paint and bedazzler. Oh yeah, and with the image of a buffalo! It's really simple. I found an old oversized tshirt and cut it for the look that I wanted. Then I stretched it over a piece of cardboard and free hand drew the design. After drawing, I simply handpainted with a paint brush and fabric paint. Now I just need warmer weather to enjoy my new top!

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