Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Home inspiration: Brooklyn to West

I have been hit by the urge to spring clean and redo some of the spaces in my home. I've been lining up projects in my head and combing the internet for inspiration. So far, I'm definitely recovering the couch, reupholstering two antique wing back chairs in the living room, and expanding the bookshelf. Maybe tweat the bedroom. And in just two weeks, I'll be leaving my day job to work on Jessamity full time! While I am very excited for that to happen, it's had me thinking about an adequate workspace in my house. I need a larger worktable, something where I can spread out fabric or bead supplies, but also have my laptop not too far away.

Last week I came across the blog Brooklyn to West and instantly fell in love with her furniture designs all from reclaimed materials. These are some of my favorite shots of her tables and headboards. I could easily see one of her tables become a work station in my home!

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