Friday, March 30, 2012

Vintage finds of the week: 70s Givenchy sweater and turquoise cowgirl boots

There are two finds this week because I couldn't decide which one was cooler and the orange and the turquoise really make each other pop! The first is a 1970s Givenchy sweater cardigan. It's actually a mens, but the sizing places it as a modern day womans medium. The orange and white graphic print is very cool. It'll be perfect for layering this summer!

What can I say about the boots except TURQUOISE! When I saw these I got so excited! I've been looking for a pair of boots in some shade of blue for a while, as blue cowboy boots aren't as common. Unfortunately these aren't my size, so I am envious of what lucky girl these do fit!

Both items will be in the store soon!

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