Thursday, March 8, 2012

Vintage photo of the week: Spring stroll and my old photo collection

I love everything about the photo...the composition, the angle of the shot, the women's edwardian clothes. Perfect! This photo was found on Flickr.

I have been promisng for a few weeks now to blog about my photo collection and here it is! I find photos online, by digging through flea markets and antique stores. I was keeping them stored in a hollowed out book until 6 months ago when I found two antique WWII era japanese souvenir photo albums. Now, I'm putting each photo I find in them and once they are full, I'll search for other old empty photo albums to start filling. Here is one album and a peek at its contents.

I also have framed themed collections around the house. I like to group them by subject and then place them patchwork style in similar colored frames.

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