Tuesday, April 17, 2012

DIY Belt makeover

I just thought I would share one way to make over an old belt and show you how it turned out for me. So, if you have an old belt lying around and need some inspiration, here you go! I found this really wide leather belt ages ago while thrifting and knew that it had potential, but the tooled logo had to be covered somehow.

I started by penciling in my design to paint. I chose a simple geometric design, but you could do anything that you like. I used acrylic paint that you can get anywhere, literally at any craft store or aisle. After that, I did have scrap leather from another project laying around and decided to make leather chevron appliques. I used E600 to glue the leather appliques on the belt. And last, but not least, studs! I always have studs around, which I know is not a common thing for most people to have lying around. I just have the urge to stud random things frequently! So, this could portion could totally be optional. I had left over studs from another project and used them all, so there was no waste. I hope you have fun making over your own old belt!

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