Saturday, April 28, 2012

DIY Couch Refresher

Today I thought I would share a project that I just finished that happens to be a really simple way to refresh you living room. Changing up the cushions on your couch, but keeping the couch body, can make a big difference if you have grown tired of the same look but have limited funds. So, I hope that I can provide a little inspiration for everyone!

This was my couch before, which was great 5 years ago when it was first purchased, but I wanted a little more color and some change.

With all of the thrifting that I do, I managed to store quite a few color coordinated interesting fabrics over time. Antique tablecloths, old saris, and vintage quilt blocks all became quick and easy slip covers for the original couch cushions. It only took an afternoon to do all of the sewing, so it was pretty close to instant gratification. Below is the finished project! Enjoy!

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