Saturday, May 5, 2012

DIY Tribal printed scarf

I found a really fun product recently and would like to share! I got side tracked in the craft store (so easy for me!) and discovered Fabric Fun Pastel Dye Sticks.

While experimenting with them at home, I made two tribal printed scarves that were quick, easy and really fun. All you will need is some spare fabric, preferably all cotton or a high cotton content blend, as per the directions on the box, an iron and the pastel sticks. I experimented with two fabrics, a cotton gauze and a cotton jersey tshirt material. Using the pastel sticks was quite simple. Just draw what ever your heart desires on the fabric. Because I was experimenting, I kept it simple and chose to do easy tribal patterns.

A few tips on using the dye sticks:
  •  They are very much like artist's oil pastels. Clean lines can be accomplished, but they tend to make soft lines and they do blend together well. So if you want a smooth transition from one color to another, just take a finger and gently smudge the two colors together after they are drawn.
  • If you use a fabric with stretch, such as jersey, it is helpful to tack the fabric down or use an embroidery hoop around the area that you are planning to draw on to prevent too much stretching, which will distort your image and make it harder to draw.
  • If you use a sheer fabric, such as gauze, make sure to have paper or newsprint under the fabric or the dye sticks will bleed through the fabric and color your table. But if that does happen, clean up is easy with soap and water!
After your design is drawn, heat set with an iron, as directed on the box. If you don't heat set, the design will wash out, which is good if you mess up and need to restart. After heat setting, your scarf should be done and be able to be washed! Now you have a new simple scarf. If you want a more complex scarf there are a few things that you can do. The gauze scarf, I kept as a traditional scarf and cut fringe on the ends. I turned the jersey into an infinity scarf using this tutorial found on Pinterest. I hope you have fun with the dye sticks!

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