Monday, May 21, 2012

Flea Market Fun

Yesterday was chock full of fun. This weekend kicked off the start of area flea markets for the year. I spent all morning perusing the different booths for goodies. Here are some of my flea market finds:

Antler sheds (there are so many DIY project involving antlers on Pinterest that I've wanted to try), 1930/1940s bow ties, 1950s bracelet.

1950s silk dress, 1970s mexican peasant blouse, 1970s boho beaded sweater

1930s quilt piece, 1910s net lace dresser scarf, colorful tins, and mexican pottery

And, as mentioned in yesterday's post, in the evening I viewed the solar eclipse. I drove out to the desert outside of town to have the best view of it and the following sunset. I ended up taking over 300 pictures of the eclipse in different phases. Here's a shot of the eclipse close to peak with the "ring of fire."

Have a great Monday!

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