Sunday, May 20, 2012

Space, fabric and a project

I recently discovered Spoonflower fabrics. You can visit there site HERE. They print and sell custom fabrics. So, basically, if you draw up a design and want to see it on a fabric, they will print it for you! They also sell yardage of fabric, if you aren't in the mood to design your own and there are some very talented people submitting designs! Anyway, they sell fabric printed with nebula images taken by the Hubble Telescope. The three designs shown above are just a few of the awesome choices available. When I found out about their space fabric, I absolutely had to have some to play with, since space clothing is a mini trend right now!

A few weeks ago, I ordered a few yards for myself as a birthday present. This is how the fabric turned out! Since then, I've been having fun sewing and have finished two projects, below. Since the fabric itself was so eye catching, I decided to keep the pieces simple. The first is a simple cropped, boxy tshirt, which has quickly become one of my favorite shirts! The second is a simple skirt.

One of the best things about the fabric is that the printed design doesn't fade or run when washed! No special care needed as I've found out. And since this is space related also, there is a solar eclipse today! If you  haven't heard about it, you can read more about it HERE. I'm very excited because I am directly in it's path and will have prime viewing tonight.
Okay, so they warn against trying to photograph it, but then say that it's supposed to have this really awesome visual "ring of fire." How am I not supposed to photograph that? Anyway, if you live in the western US, go out and see it tonight! If you live elsewhere, apparently you can view it HERE online!

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  1. Your shirt and skirt are adorable! Now I am wishing I knew how to sew. Have fun viewing the eclipse. I'm on the other side of the country, so I'll have to try to catch it online.


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