Thursday, May 17, 2012

Vintage photo of the week: A desert landscape

This desert landscape photo is one of my favorite photo finds lately. Not only is the composition superb, but I'm amazed at how little has changed from this photo. I don't know where this photo was taken, but I could go just a little outside of town right now and find a scene just like this. Big sky, open expanses only broken by prickly pears, dirt roads, only a few wind whipped trees, and fewer buildings. I find it amusing that the desert is the same, generally speaking. This photo was found via Flickr.

If you haven't noticed, my post have been very lean on the text lately. I apologize, as I've had a few time consuming projects going on. I tend to multi-task and start more than one project at a time and I've been juggling no less than three. My days have been spent frantically sewing, making pottery, and trying to reupholster chairs, all small local paid jobs I have taken on. The good thing is that all of the projects are almost done and I'll be able to show you some of them in the coming weeks! Have a great day!

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