Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Garden update and totem poles

When I'm not working on various projects or combing thrift stores, lately I've been spending all of my time in the garden. It's the perfect time of year for outdoor dinners, lazy naps in the hammock, and I've been eating fresh, home grown veggies for about a month now. I have posted a few other times about the garden, HERE, and thought I would give you an update and share a dream art project that I have for the garden.

Flower blooms. I love bold color combos!

Refinishing my thrifted outdoor furniture with a new coat of spray paint.

More blooms, a new to me, thrifted fire pit I found the past month and check out my totem pole in the distance, hint, hint.

My hammock, my favorite place to spend down time and one last flower photo!

That gives you an idea of some of the garden. As with most other aspects of my life, I like to weave in art and design in the garden, too. I have always loved totem poles and can't think of a better way to incorporate art into a garden. I have one that I made, shown above, but would really like to have another larger one. I've included some totem pole inspiration below, all found on Pinterest.

These give me so much inspiration, that one day, when I run into the right chunk of wood, I'll be able to add another totem pole to the garden! Enjoy!

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