Monday, June 11, 2012

Good reading and a photo shoot

I absolutely love discovering and reading new blogs, magazines and books. They are a huge source of inspiration for me! So when I find something that's a gem I'll share it with you! I recently discovered this Australian magazine. It's both in print and an e-zine, for anyone like me, outside of Australia. It's a beautiful publication by creative types for creative types with an emphasis on creative pursuits and a diy lifestyle.

I read the most recent issue over the weekend and loved it! I won't spoil all of the great articles it has in it but just that one issue included a DIY on how to make a mini photobox (which I'm already excited to make, but instead of travel, make it into a "You and Me" keepsake for Valentine's Day), ruminations on vintage fashion (both pictured above), blogging advice, and reasons for not caging your creativity! I really enjoyed it and hope that you do to! You can check out the website HERE!

Also, over the weekend I did a photoshoot...of MYSELF! Yikes! This was prompted by the new "About" page Etsy introduced last week where they ask for a photo of the artist behind every store. You can see mine HERE. I am a very shy and introverted person, and this extends to photos, but I've known for awhile that I would eventually have to do a series of artist photos for promotional purposes. So, I gathered all of the bravery I had and stepped in front of the camera.

There's a small preview of the pictures. I have to admit, I'm still iffy about them. Of course, I would really be happy of a picture of the back of my head, with a hat, but that probably wouldn't work. All of the jewelry used is already listed in the store. Enjoy!


  1. Your photos look great! I did my first photo shoot of myself last week. It was a challenge for me as I'm fairly introverted myself.

    1. Thank you! You definitely know just how I feel then!


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