Monday, June 25, 2012

Sunday adventures: Abandoned buildings and canyons

Yesterday, despite the 100+ degree temps, I went out to explore the desert and do a little hiking. This is actually something I do frequently and have made it a habit to explore my state parks and various desert ghost towns. Here are a few photos from my adventure!

An abandoned adobe style house. I seriously have house envy after seeing this and would have loved to get closer. Unfortunately there was an inhabited mobile home on the property near it with "No Tresspassing" signs. Since I really don't like being shot, I stayed on the dirt road and snapped a few photos with a zoom lens.

Desert vegetation, including a yucca.

This is what most of the scenery around my home town looks like. This is the entrance to a dry arroyo. Once you go around the corner, (around rock out cropping on the left side of the photo) suddenly you would see this...

A deep, painted canyon wonderland! Tucked out of sight in the surrounding hills. I explored and hiked the dry river bed for awhile, enjoying the shade created by the deep canyon.

The only other sign of life in the canyon at the time was bugs and mud swallows. These are the nests that the mud swallows build on the sides of the canyon walls.

Here's a close up of their nests. Very sci-fi looking. You can read more about them HERE.

I hope you had as good of a weekend as I did!

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