Friday, June 22, 2012

Vintage find of the week for you and me

This week's item is this perfect for the heat 1980s white cotton romper. It's very delicate and girly all while retaining the light and airy feeling that white gives clothing. It also has the neatest large mesh pockets on the outside. I'll be photographing things in the next few days and this is one of them. So, it should be listed in the store in Wednesday's shop update.

Along with this week's stellar item, I thought I would show you two pieces that I have decided to keep for myself lately. It really doesn't happen as often as one might think, because after awhile, my closet has gotten full and I get more selective. These are two items that have made their way into my closet.

The first is a Victorian bodice. When I found it, I get very excited and photographed it before any restoration took place. So, in these pictures it doesn't have a single closure, has dye in the lace jabot, and needs an ironing. But with all of the embroidery, it is still very beautiful. Since then, I have managed to get it back into proper shape by removing the blue dye from the lace and embroidery, and adding hooks and eyes up the front.

The second is this 1960s silk mini dress. This has actually gotten a couple of wearings already. I normally shrink from wearing yellow, but the print on this dress, the loose billowy fit and the lightness of the silk have been perfect lately in the heat.

I hope that you have a great Friday!

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