Monday, July 23, 2012

Flea market finds

I went flea market shopping this weekend and had a great time! It's the nature of flea markets to go one time and hardly find anything and go the next and find a ton of treasures. This weekend, I found so much great stuff that I sadly couldn't afford to get all of it! I'm hoping that everything else that I didn't get is there next weekend. Here is a small peak at some of what I did bring home.

1950s formal wear; enough 1930s feedsack quilt blocks to make a queen size quilt, which I do plan on making.

A load of embroidered textiles for repurposing, my favorite being art deco one on the right. That one might actually become a curtain in my kitchen window.

Did anyone else get to go thrifting/flea market shopping this weekend?

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