Sunday, July 8, 2012

The library returns

This is my library and I just barely got it back this week, so I am very happy! My book collection was housed on a big box store bookshelf for the longest time, but over time it had out grown the old bookshelf, as most growing things do. So, for the past few months, my books were boxed as a much larger built-in bookshelf system was constructed and installed. Of course, sticking with my diy and recycle ethos, the built-in was built by me and my husband out of reclaimed wood. Being separated from my books felt like an eternity and I am very glad to have them back! I missed having the ability to peruse my design library for inspiration or read up on how to do some obscure project, like re-caning antique chairs, molding leather, or couture sewing methods of decades past. Now that they are back, here are a few of my tried and true favorite books and one new one that I am anxious to read!

The Worldwide History of Dress. The garments in this book are gorgeous and every culture really is covered from it's inception to modern day. There are so many great tribal patterns, colors and embroidered pieces.

Restoration Home. The tag line on the dust jacket says it all, "Creating beautiful interiors with rescued treasures." This beautifully photographed book is a gem with ideas ranging from using reclaimed barn and pallet wood as kitchen shelving, to constructing tables and lamps with found objects, to reusing vintage textiles and even decorating with vintage items.

The Book of Arts and Crafts. This 1940s book was a thrift store find right as I was boxing up books, so I haven't had the chance to read it yet. But looking at the table of contents, it seems like a treasure trove of project ideas. I'm anxious to start reading this!

What are your favorite books for inspiration?

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  1. I just posted on Friday about my vintage craft books here:


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