Monday, July 2, 2012

My ultimate vintage wishlist: Art deco edition

As a vintage seller, I usually pass on my awesome finds to other people, but I do have a list of items that I lust after and am always looking for. Yes, I could probably buy them from another seller, but usually, that is cost prohibitive for me, and finding that rare sought after item is half the fun! So, I thought I would start a short running series on what items are on my ultimate vintage wishlist.

Today's collection is all 1920s/30s Art Deco. I honestly have to say that 1920s/30s European bohemian and Art Deco looks are my favorite fashion period. Oh, if I could only be like the main character in the movie "Midnight in Paris." These items are all on my ultimate wish list:

Row 1: Beaded dress, still in great shape; Egyptian Assuit shawl

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