Monday, July 16, 2012

My ultimate vintage wishlist: Shoe edition

As a vintage seller, I usually pass on my awesome finds to other people, but I do have a list of items that I lust after and am always looking for. Yes, I could probably buy them from another seller, but usually, that is cost prohibitive for me, and finding that rare sought after item is half the fun! So, I am continuing the short running series on what items are on my ultimate vintage wishlist.

Today's edition is the shoe edition. This part of the wishlist is extensive quite simply because I have large feet for a woman (a US size 10) and rarely find cute vintage shoes that can fit me. This has left me passing on great finds to other people and racking up a very long wishlist for one day. The wishlist includes tapestry boots, strappy shoes of all shorts, any 1940s and 1920s style shoes, and I have a love of crazy 1980s new wave boots. Here are a few pairs of shoes that I like to dream I could find in my size.

1 comment:

  1. What a gorgeous collection of shoes!! I'm absolutely crazy about the tapestry boots, beautiful!! And they would look perfect with my dark skinny jeans in the fall! I too wear a larger size, so hard to find vintage shoes, right?! Off to peek! xo


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