Sunday, July 15, 2012

Project: Tooled leather

I am a huge fan and avid collector of vintage tooled leather. Not the cheesy 1960s hippie stuff with mushroom and butterflies, but higher quality and higher skill level pieces. My collection ranges from Victorian tooled pouches, to Moroccan tooled duffel bags, to 1950s tooled leather high heels. I'll have to post my vintage tooled leather collection one day. Anyway, with my love of tooled leather, it has always been on my bucket list to teach myself how to tool it myself. This week, armed with a complete set of leather working tools that I found second hand, I did exactly that and this is my first tooled leather project! Yeah, I'm really proud of myself, so bear with me! Not knowing how any of the tools worked, I jumped right in, but at least had the common sense to start small by making coasters.

I should have tried simple designs for my first project, but didn't and luckily I found out I have a natural aptitude for tooling. So, with in an hour I was creating complex designs like moonlit nights and miniature anatomical hearts. It came so easy and I had a great time doing it! All of these photos are the coasters. I love how they inadvertently look like the images on old timey tarot cards. As my skill level grows, I might be adding tooled leather pieces in various forms to the store.

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