Saturday, August 4, 2012

A large vintage score and a project for fall

I had another lucky day this week where I literally filled my car to the roof with awesome vintage. Here are a few items that I pulled out of the first bag to use as a sneak peek. I've been fairly lucky the past few months and have had a couple of these wonderful vintage finding days! Cleaning, repairing, and photographing, is what I will be doing next week and hopefully some of the new items will start filtering in the store in a few weeks time. In the meanwhile, here are a few more photos.

I have found a lot of great 1960s clothes lately, especially lingerie. I love the candy colors that slips were dyed back then. When worn under a sheer dress they really pop!

Shoes for fall and in every fabric, color and pattern imaginable!

One of my other thrifty finds this week was yardage of this awesome tribal (Guatemalan, maybe?) wool fabric.  Isn't the pattern and the bold color combos great? There was just enough for me to make a vest with a draped shawl collar. I even gave it an attached Guatemalan belt because it just seemed to fit. Since it's wool, it's much to hot to wear now, but I look forward to layering it on this fall.

Have a Happy Weekend!

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