Monday, August 20, 2012

Clothing as interior decor

So after reading so many great vintage blogs, I've noticed a trend. It seems like vintage clothing enthusiasts don't hesitate to use clothing as decor. Whether it be a framed kimono, a collection of lacy blouses, a row of hats on a wall or a single cherished dress, vintage clothing lovers seem more likely to display their clothes! Here are a few examples that I like:

Now, I don't intentionally display clothes, but I do have a corner of my studio that I hang projects and my mannequin is almost always wearing something half finished. They change on a weekly basis, depending on what I am working on, so I personally don't view them as decor. But, visitors always comment on that corner and what I'm working on, so maybe I'm just fooling my self!

Does anyone else creatively display their clothes?

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