Saturday, August 11, 2012

My ultimate vintage wishlist: Jewelry edition

As a vintage seller, I usually pass on my awesome finds to other people, but I do have a list of items that I lust after and am always looking for. Yes, I could probably buy them from another seller, but usually, that is cost prohibitive for me, and finding that rare sought after item is half the fun! So, I am continuing the short running series on what items are on my ultimate vintage wishlist.

Today's edition is all about jewelry. I am blushing, as I have a long list of vintage jewelry items I lust after. I particularly love Art Deco anything and tribal silver statement pieces, and if you combine the two with an Art Deco ethnic piece, I'm smitten! I also love micro-mosaic necklaces, gypsy rings, Native American turquoise, and I'm sure that a good bird brooch would go with anything. Here are a few of my vintage jewelry wants:

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