Saturday, September 8, 2012

Project: A vintage rescue

I have this habit of feeling bad for lonely pathetic little things and taking them home to fix them up a bit, sort of like a rescue mission. This dress turned blouse is one of them. I had seen this blouse that was obviously a badly hacked up dress sitting in the thrift store for over 3 weeks. It was sad, but it has such a great shooting star print that I finally decided to bring it home and do something with it.

It looks like a 1950s dress, but it had been unevenly hacked at the waist, with the zipper cut through. It also had an odd fit in the arms. The sleeves were sewn on at an angle so that you couldn't lift your arms even to shoulder height. So, the sleeves were removed, the zipper replaced, the hem evened and a few cut outs were added. Now, I think it looks spectacular and I'm glad that I finally did rescue it!

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