Saturday, October 13, 2012

DIY glow in the dark skeleton

Today I'm going to share a DIY project that is fun if you have kids or are a kid at heart. I'm going to show you how to make a fully articulate glow in the dark skeleton! What you will need is:

  • Glow in the dark oven bake clay (both Fimo and Sculpey brands have it)
  • Wire
  • Needle nose pliers with wire cutters
  • An oven
  • Black acrylic craft paint and a fine paint brush
  • Template (optional)

To start flatten your clay out in a sheet that is about 1/4 in. thick. Now either have fun drawing, cutting and sculpting your own skeleton, or use the template that I provided above to trace each bone piece onto the flat clay and then cut out using an Xacto knife.

Next, take your wire and using the pliers, cut 1/2 in segments and curl one end into a loop. Since the skeleton is fully articulated, these will be the connectors at the joints. You will need one at joint. I ended up needing 29 connectors.

Take your connectors and carefully push the straight end into the clay. Put a connector on each end of each bone at the joints, as shown. When you have all of your connectors in, it's time to bake. Bake according to the directions on the clay package. Allow the clay to completely cool. Now you can take your black paint and a fine tipped paint brush to paint on details such as eyes, teeth and ribs. When the paint is dry, take your pliers and attach all of your connectors. Your skeleton should be done and is now ready to hang where ever you desire! Enjoy!

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