Sunday, October 21, 2012

Monster eyes

This weekend I engaged in a little Halloween goofiness. Halloween just demands fun and goofiness. I started making decorations for my front yard and made two batches of edible monster eyes for my nephews and for a Rocky Horror party that I went to. The monster eyes were tons of fun to make and turned out really well. At the party they received plenty of compliments. I'll share how easy it was to make them.

Basically, melt down white chocolate and cover sandwich cookies, such as Oreos. The gloppier the chocolate, the better. It just makes them look cooler! I used gummy Lifesavers as the iris and dark chocolate morsels as the pupils. Enjoy! Does anyone else have any great Halloween party food that they make?


  1. Nice! Last year I made eyeball mini cupcakes for my coworkers, but I just drew everything on with icing--which took forever. So I will probably skip them this year.

  2. wow those monster eyes are amazing :)
    I love this post!!


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