Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The fair and October comes to town!

I so happy because yesterday was the start of October and the fair came to town! The fair rolled into town with an elaborate 4 hour parade where half of the town was in the parade and the other half was watching. I absolutely love the fair and am very excited to be going there tonight!

And of course, I'm glad it's October. October is usually the time when the desert's inferno cools down to 75-80 degrees and it's actually comfortable to do things outside. All of the local farmers are in the middle of their harvest, so it's the best time for shopping the farmer's markets. Green chili roasting is a regional tradition, so every year about this time, a chili roasting stand pops up every other block or so and you can buy a bushel of freshly roasted chili. And Halloween just tops the month off! I love Halloween, so expect a month full of costumes, baked goods and diy tutorials all centered around Halloween. Happy October to all!

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