Saturday, October 27, 2012

Whoopsie! Celebrating failure

So, everyone makes mistakes, especially me. Which means that failure is a very valid topic of discussion at any given time. This week was full of "Whoops!" moments for me. Fortunately, mistakes or failures really aren't that heart breaking for me. I know some people who view them as terminal impact catastrophes, but I simply say "Well that didn't go as planned. I'll just have to do something else." And I move on. I like to think it's a healthy attitude with the mistakes that I make and by being flexible, I can still come up with a pretty cool end result, even if it wasn't the originally intended one. So, instead of dreading failure, lets celebrate it as a door opening to new possibilities. And I would like to share my week's "Whoopsies!"

The first was a Mexican wool blanket shawl that I blogged about finding back in September, which you can read HERE. I finally got around to giving it a much needed cleaning. Little did I know that a gentle soak and hand washing would make some previously unseen weak spots in the fabric turn into large holes. Yep, definitely a "Whoops!" moment as I pulled it out of the water and spread it out to dry. But, I remembered this really cool wool poncho from the Mara Hoffman A/W 2012 line (HERE) and came up with a great idea to rescue the shawl. It received black wool felt triangle appliques, inspired by Mara Hoffman, which cleverly covered all of the holes!

My second mistake was also a washing mistake. I found this gorgeous 1950s sheer lace dress that was a modern size extra large. It was perfect in almost every way except for dark yellow armpit stains. So I decided to give it a soak to remove the armpit stains. Well, the yellow armpit stained fabric completely disintegrated leaving large gaping holes where they used to be. Big "Whoops!" That made it unable to sell in the store, but fortunately because it was an extra large and because of my sewing skills, I was able to down size it to a modern size small/medium and completely cut out the ruined fabric. The picture above is the after photo. So after all that work to resize and resew it, the dress I now have an awesome dress for myself. Does anyone else have any failures to celebrate?

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  1. That's such a shame that part of the dress disintegrated! But honestly, you can't even tell! It's amazing that you were able to pull it into a smaller size, that is definitely a success story!


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