Sunday, November 18, 2012

DIY sweater shorts

Today I'm going to share a very basic, low sewing skills required way to make yourself a pair of sweater shorts. Sweater shorts are great to layer over leggings or tights in the winter and perfect for lounging around the house! What you will need is:

  • An old sweater - make sure that the width of the sweater is larger than the width of your hips and a sweater with stretch is even better. For example, if you have 34 in. hips make sure the body of the sweater is at least 17 in. across or larger since the body of the sweater will be come the hip of your shorts. A knit with stretch will help it contour to your body better than a stiff, inflexible sweater knit.
  • Elastic for the waistband
  • Sewing machine and basic sewing tools

Take your sweater, turn it inside out and lay it flat and even. We are going to take advantage of the side seams of the sweater as they will be the side seams of the shorts. Cut the top of the sweater off under the armpit and cut a small V shape for the crotch.

With it still inside out sew the V in the crotch. I used a running stitched followed by a zig zag stitch. Now to deal with the waistline.

To get the right overall length I measured from the place on my waist that I wanted it to start down to the place on my thigh. I then cut off any excess from the top accordingly, but I also angled it to be an inch higher on the bum than in the front. I then turned it right side out and inserted the elastic for the waistband.

After you have added the elastic to the waistband you are done and can enjoy wearing your sweater shorts this winter. If you want directions for a better fit and have a higher level of sewing skills I found this DIY tutorial HERE that shows you how to make a pair with a center seam that takes into account your body curves. Enjoy!

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