Saturday, November 10, 2012

Party Girl and 90s fashion

Despite the fact that I am a Gen Xer, I hardly stock any 1990s clothing in the store. Probably because the 90s were my teenage days and I have a hard time considering them vintage! This week I re-watched the 1995 Parker Posey film Party Girl (IMDB, Netflix) and I honestly hadn't seen it since it first came out. Oh, yes I love it, in that opening a time capsule and bringing back memories sort of way. I spent the whole movie giggling in part because it is a comedy and in a large part because I had to admit the 90s clothing is funny and dated now! Parker Posey's outfits are over the top 1990s fabulous and definitely worth remembering. They even convinced me that I should maybe (big MAYBE) stock more 1990s clothing in the store. Below, I've picked out a few clothing items inspired by the movie. Enjoy!

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  1. Great post, I totally agree with you! At first I was really hesitant to list 90's stuff in my shop. I think anyone who went through their teen years in a certain decade don't always want to relive it. At first for me, 90's fashion was a flashback to some bad fashion choices I made but right now that is what teenagers and people in their early 20's are looking for. Once I started to open up to the idea, I realized that there were some cute fashion trends in the 90's. Babydoll dresses, striped tights and doc martens. Plus you just can't beat 90's alternative music and it's influence on fashion! Now I think I need to go watch Party Girl. Thanks for the reminder of a classic 90's movie. ;)


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