Friday, November 23, 2012

Vintage find of the week: A kimono and cleaning woes

Earlier this week I went to an estate sale where I found this absolutely gorgeous 1940s kimono. It's one of the really spectacular formal kinds with hand embroidery and couched gold wire thread details. And unfortunately what looks like decades of someone's badly behaving dog sneaking in the closet and soiling the bottom 12 inches. I'm about to clean it but wanted to snap a few pictures for remembrance of what it looked like, just in case I mess up. It has this gorgeous bright red silk lining that I am worried will bleed all over the pale blue silk on the outside. Because I clean everything that comes through the store, I get moments like this occasionally. Some thing absolutely fabulous desperately needs a cleaning, and I hope that I just don't mess it up. I live in a very rural area and there is only one dry cleaners in town. Every time I bring something delicate in to them, I'm always told the same thing, "We'll probably ruin that." Which is what they told me with this, so I'm going to try cleaning it myself. Wish me luck!

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