Sunday, December 16, 2012

DIY Project: How to turn heels into maryjanes

So, I thought up today's project because I wanted a little Art Deco glamor for my New Year's outfit. And it turned out so well, that I thought that I would share! Today I'll show you how to recycle an old pair of high heels by turning them into maryjanes.

What you will need is:

  • A pair of old high heels
  • Two different colors of leather scraps
  • craft glue such as E-6000
  • An Xacto knife
  • ribbon

First draw out a pattern for your leather pieces on paper. Make the piece that will overlap on top shorter than the piece that will be on the bottom. Make sure to include a hole for the ribbon to thread through later. Once you are happy with your pattern pieces, trace them on the leather. Remember to trace and cut 2 pieces per shoes, for a total of 4 pieces.

Once all of the pieces are cut out, it's time to glue the smaller top pieces to the larger bottom pieces, making sure that the holes for the ribbon line up. When the glue is dry, glue the leather appliques to the heels, one on each side.

When the glue is dry thread the ribbon through the holes! Your new maryjanes should be read to wear! Enjoy!

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