Monday, December 17, 2012

My December so far

I'm trying to be a better blogger and take more pictures of my daily life for you. I'm improving, but I still have a hard time taking a camera along everywhere. I've noticed that I simply live in the moment and don't document it very well. I'm sure, I'll get the hang of it eventually. My month has been jam packed with holiday parties, shopping trips, and day trips with family, all on top of normal activities. But, I didn't photograph as much as I could have. Here's a few shots of what I did photograph of my December, so far. I spent quite a bit of time photographing new items for the store. Alot of new items, like over 200. This 1930s wedding dress is one of them!

I wore a pretty 1960s sequined shell sweater to a holiday party, because the holidays just call for a little sparkle and glamor.

Putting up Christmas decorations with the...ahem..."help" of cats. This is Pippi, named after Pippi Longstocking, whose stories I loved as a girl. Her version of helping with the Christmas decorations was to hide under the tree and dart out to attack any strand of light or ornament that caught her fancy.

Snow! We got a cold spell and snow in the desert. Probably something minor and not all that special for most places, but big news for me.

That cold spell gave me an excuse to wear this 1940s mink lined cheongsam for the first time! I acquired it at the end of last winter and was just waiting for weather cold enough to wear it. How has everyone else's December been?

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