Monday, December 10, 2012

The antique Eastlake steamer trunk

I'm so excited because this week I found this awesome Victorian steamer trunk while thrifting! I already have two (they make great coffee/end tables!) not so fancy ones but really thought this one was special. Every inch is covered in embossed geometric and floral patterns, even the hinges! And, my favorite part, the inside has the graphic of a very beautiful Victorian woman on the top of the lid. As an aside, my husband's favorite thing is the bullet holes in the front, which you can kinda see left of the latch in the top photo. In manly thinking, if you take a bullet and live to tell the tale, well... you're cool. With the research I've done, I'm estimating that it's Eastlake (wikipedia) style and time period. Regardless, I love it and am excited to begin it's restoration. When I'm done, I intend to use it as a display piece for my goods when I do pop up shops and craft fair/festival booths next summer.

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