Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Vintage buttons

To me, buttons have always been something completely utilitarian. I frequently purchase them for garments I've sewn, or to restore a vintage garment. I know that some people collect buttons, but never really understood why until recently. I was looking for vintage buttons to restore a blouse mentioned in THIS post about a week ago and discovered the Etsy store Oritdotan. This store specializes in the most adorable and colorful vintage buttons and findings! All I could do was say WOW when browsing page after page of the cutest original vintage buttons, some of them pictured above. I placed an order, of course, and will definitely be back the next time I need vintage buttons. I actually had a hard time not buying a bunch of buttons for projects un-thought of yet. I even have the urge to make a bright button bouquet. For that blouse mentioned, I did eventually decided to go with the blue buttons with the flower bouquet in the middle, on the bottom row. Hope this was a little thing to brighten your day, I know it did mine!

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