Friday, December 21, 2012

Vintage find of the week: 1930s mesh dress

I've decided to use this 1930s mesh dress as the vintage find this week and for a topic of discussion that I've always been curious about...What type of condition do most people want their vintage in? I'm an avid collector and have an appreciation of fabulous older garments even if they aren't in pristine condition. I know that, hey, I hope I look just as gorgeous when I'm 80 or 90 years old! This dress is a prime example. It's a gorgeous mesh dress with an rhinestone disco ball beads and an open back (even thought the photos don't show it!). But is has pin holes. Not so bad that you can see from even a short distance, but 5 in. away, you can definitely see them. Of course I saw all of that and bought it anyway cause I love the beauty of the garment and would wear it myself. But with items like this, I always wonder if my customers are the same type of people that I am. Would they wear it? Or would a bunch of pin holes turn them off? What would you consider wearable? I'm still debating that with this dress. It might be listed in the store eventually, or it might go in my closet and I'll love and appreciate the heck out of it, pin holes and all.

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  1. I think collectors would love it pinholes and all but maybe as a display piece rather than risking wearing it and ruining it. I did that with a 40s velvet jacket and after wearing it once, it fell apart on me. The dress is a piece of history and that is most important. I wouldn't let it go if I were you. ;)


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