Sunday, January 20, 2013

Two new tooled leather bags in the shop!

I happy to say that I've listed two new tooled leather bags in the store recently. The first one, above is a clutch and was inspired by a project I did and blogged about almost a year ago. The inspiration (and it's original post HERE) below, has been one of my favorite bags because of the Victorian clasp, but I found that it was sometimes too fancy for most occasions. So, I decided to make a more simple and casual Eagle Bag for everyday use. The great thing about this design is that I've made it interchangeable and will be making it in different patterns/colors of leather in the coming months. The one above is currently in stock and ready to ship HERE in the store and if you are interested in one and it's not there I'll be accepting custom orders for it!

The second bag is a larger shoulder bag with a tooled leather panel inspired by Navajo basket designs. I live in the US Southwest, so Navajo baskets are probably more common around here than anywhere else, and I see them frequently so it was probably a matter of time before I noticed them and drew influence from them. I've posted a few basket designs below that I really like, if you are unfamiliar with them. The bold black and white geometric designs are really cool and I wouldn't be surprised if they inspire more of my designs in the future! Both basket pictures were found on Pinterest. This bag is also currently available in the store HERE, so check it out! What do you think of the new bags?

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