Friday, January 11, 2013

Vintage find of the week: 1940s crochet cord purse

For the last three weeks, due to the holidays, trips and family visits, I hadn't stepped foot inside a thrift store and as of Monday, had some serious withdrawal going on. Oh yes, it is possible to become addicted to thrift store shopping and I missed it. Thank fully life has returned to normal post holiday and I was able to go thrifting this week. It was such a sigh of relief! Anyway, I found this really cute 1940s crochet cord purse. From the looks of it and the sewing details inside, it's all hand sewn and I'm guessing hand crocheted too. It has the neatest clear lucite handle on the zipper pull that is carved with flowers, vines and stripes. It will be up in the store soon! Happy Friday everyone!

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