Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A few vintage finds for the home

It feels like its been forever since I've done a home related post. Mostly this is because, due to space, I don't often bring home vintage finds for the house. I reached a comfortable level in the house about 2 years ago and don't really need to change the decor or add to any collections. So, if something comes home with me it has to be extra special. This week, my husband inherited his great-father's set of folding cotton canvas camp stools. Antique by now, to be sure and with their striped tops and rustic patina on the wood, very cool. The next day, I found the coolest cotton mystery blanket/rug at an antique store. It's unlike anything I have run into before, and the woman at the antique store didn't even know what it was so gave it to me for less than $20! I think it might be latin american, but right now that's just a wild guess. And it goes so well with the camp chairs that I decided to photograph them together. Enjoy!

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