Monday, February 4, 2013

Goodbye January, Hello February

Here's a few pictures from my life lately. Thankfully January is over and we're one step closer to warm weather. Southern New Mexico did get a whole week in January of 75 degree spring temperatures, so my husband and I took the opportunity to get outside and partake in a favorite activity, hunting for abandoned homesteads. Basically we just pick a random, lonely desert dirt road and follow it to see what we can find. We have previously come across old mining shafts, abandoned machinery and cars from who knows when, weird abandoned military bunkers (no amount of research I've done has turned up anything on that one), and lots of old houses. The first photo is what most of the terrain looks like around my small town...a lot of open desert and blue skies that are endless. We did find a really awesome abandoned Victorian gingerbread house with the original stain glass windows intact. I like to explore the buildings when I can, but this one was fairly well fenced off with barbed wire and prickly pear cactus, so I could only take a few shots from outside the property line.

We also found what used to be a bridge in the middle of nowhere. Literally, the road that once went up to it is now gone and so is most of the bridge itself, just the concrete pylons on either side of the river. When not exploring, I designed and ordered new business cards specifically for my tooled leather pieces. The blue tooled leather piece shown in Photoshop as the front of my business card, is a project I hadn't posted on the blog before. I don't mean to keep secrets, but I do and maybe I'll show the whole thing one day.

I added this cute black and white family photo, circa the 1960s to my vintage photo collection. And then I got the flu and a whole lot of nothing happened other than I perfected egg drop soup.

I've also been doing alot of leather tooling. I have been making ready-to-ship versions of most of the custom/made-to-order pieces in the shop. Here's a few action shots of my production process. How has everyone else's January been?


  1. That leatherwork is awesome. We have a lot of abandoned barns here in Kansas. This has inspired me!

    Hey if you have time, check out my blog re-launch and art give away :)

    1. Thanks for the compliment and I'm glad I provided a little inspiration. The blog relaunch looks great!


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