Saturday, February 23, 2013

Life lately...

While traveling, I fell back in to old bad habits, which meant that I simply lived in the moment and forgot to photograph anything. But I have taken quite a few pictures of my daily life before and after the trip that I would like to share with you now. Yesterday when I mentioned that I had found a ton of vintage on my trip, well it wasn't an exaggeration. The left picture is everything I found just unloaded from the car waiting to be cleaned and sorted. On the right, I got slightly braver and had a killer vintage outfit on, but only had the guts enough to photography my boots. Maybe one day I'll do a vintage outfit style post, but for now it's just awesome lace up boots.

Top, Starting the sorting. A pile of vintage clothing that needs sewing repairs. Bottom, Experimenting with block printing before the trip. I'll unveil the whole project on a later date.

On the left, what I wore to a Valentine's dinner with my husband...A 1950s cutwork wiggle dress and 1940s peacock bullion beaded clutch. On the right, before the trip, I found a lot of gorgeous candy colored 1950s-1970s lingerie that will all be in the store this spring. Enjoy!

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