Sunday, February 17, 2013

Project: Arrow leather coat

I've been so busy with store related projects, that I hadn't the chance to complete a personal project in some time. So, it was a treat to have the time recently to finish this long in the works project. It's a leather coat with hand painted Art Deco inspired arrows on the collar. I actually hinted at and even showed a few photos of the construction a few days ago, HERE. (Go ahead and take a peak at the really cool silk I used for the lining!) It actually started when I was purchasing leather in April 2012. I found this great whole hide of distressed garment leather and immediately knew that I wanted to make a coat for myself. Then it took months of deciding exactly what I wanted my coat to look like before I started.

I really have a fondness for 1940s blazers with cute details, but I wanted a different cut. So eventually I found this 1990s pattern and used the 1940s blazers below as inspiration for the arrow details.

1940s blazers: Left / Middle / Right

So, in the end I'm very happy with it! Enjoy!

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