Sunday, April 28, 2013

Life lately: April was so busy!

April has been so busy for me that I really meant to do a "Life lately" post earlier but didn't get to it. So, today's post will probably seem like an over load of photographs from the month. There's just something about spring that reinvigorates me artistically. I suddenly get busy with the garden, flea markets and various art projects. Enjoy a few snap shots from my month!

Left: I started the month out in boots, these iridescent 80s boots are a favorite pair of mine. Right: Tye Dying vintage slips.

Top: 80s swimsuits headed for the store soon! Bottom: A sampling of the seeds that I planted in the garden this year.

Top: a custom order for a monogrammed leather wallet. Bottom: Thrifty finds with a southwestern feel.

Top: Quilting fabric scraps together. Bottom: An unworn, deadstock 1950s dress. I love it when I find these!

A sampling of earlier blooming flowers from my garden.

Top: An embroidery project which I will share with you soon! Bottom: Lovely details on lovely vintage dresses. 1930s studded dress and 1950s hand cut felt dress.

Left: I spent many, many hours photographing clothing. Here's a sneak peek of a 1970s egyptian dress and gold suitcase. Right: Painting a cow skull found in the desert.

Top: I sewed a few shirts using a 1970s pattern with some of the cutest illustrations in it. Bottom: After starting the month in boots, I ended it in sandals. Oh, I love the start of warm weather!

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