Saturday, April 27, 2013

Movie: Pretty in Pink

Some movies you just have to watch over again every once and while because they are feel good movies. Pretty in Pink (IMDB, Wikipedia, Netflix), from 1986, is one of those movies for me. The 80s fashion is so over the top sometimes that it is extremely cool. If you haven't seen it, Molly Ringwald is Andie, a poor working class highschool girl, who wears awesome outfits that are part thrifted, part hand sewn and she works in a record store. Yeah, she's cool. She falls for a "richie," a preppy rich kid and social clashes ensue. But don't worry, she comes out on top. After being dumped, she proves herself to be strong and independent by sewing an awesome prom dress for herself and showing up solo to prom. Did I mention that she's cool? Enjoy!

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