Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Life lately...

This month I thought I would be a little more frequent with life posts in May. So here goes! Top: A thrifted quilt. Bottom: Patterns found at a flea market. I have so many vintage patterns now that I am seriously thinking about opening a shop solely for them.

Left: The embroidered details on a 1950s dress. Right: a newly completed scarf blouse, using the pattern I post on the blog HERE.

Top: Banana egg rolls ready for baking, using THIS recipe. Bottom: A sewing project which I will show you in a few days.

Left: A gorgeous 1930s ruffled cape seen at an antiques store. Right: Newly thrifted books that provided an afternoon's reading.

Top: A 1950s mink trimmed dress. Bottom: Adding tassels to a 1970s mesh market bag.

Left: Soaking a 1930s gown. Right: Thrifted silk ikat fabric.

 Top: Southwestern light fixtures at the flea market. Pompom sandals found at the same flea market.

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