Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Life lately...

Here is my past few weeks in photos. In retrospect, I've noticed that I seemed to focus on the details and textures of things I saw this month and not so much of what I did. And there is a ton of vintage.

Left: A variety of clothing items waiting in my laundry room to be soaked/washed. Right: A 1940s evening gown soaking to remove stains.

Top: What I wore thrifting, a 1970s kimono sleeved caftan. Bottom: Beginning to the month iris blooms.

Top: End of the month passion flower blooms. Bottom: I thrifted donut molds and promptly went home and tried my first attempt at cake donuts. Strawberry, if you were wondering.

Left: I added appliques and lace to a dress. Right: Amazingly detailed embroidery on a pair of bell bottoms.

Left: A close up of rhinestones and embroidery on a dress. Right: I accomplished a major lifetime goal of reading Moby Dick. I'll admit, it was agonizing because I abhor the practice of whaling (cruelly slaughtering innocent whales). But I read it and don't feel remotely more intellectual for my effort.

Left: Evening wear waiting to be washed. I love the details in this shot...Hand embroidery, soutache trim and sequins. Which as you can see on the right, are in a perfect geometric pattern.

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