Saturday, May 18, 2013

Project: Summer blouses from recycled linens

I'm already adding to my summer wardrobe. I've recently finished sewing a variety of summer blouses all from hole-y vintage linens. My favorites are the two gathered peasant blouses that I made from my grandmother's floral tablecloths. I like them so much that I might just make more! Happy weekend everyone!


  1. These are nice. I especially love how you used the border print on the sleeveless one.

  2. Hi, I love your blog :) Do you use a pattern or do you eyeball it for blouses and tops like these? I really try to eyeball everything so nothing comes out quite as I imagined it would be (go figure, right?) These look great!

    1. Hi Laura and thanks for the compliment! I actually eyeball/create my own patterns for most things, but for all but one of these particular blouses I used vintage patterns. I used a 70s peasant blouse and a 90s tank top pattern, and the one with the crocheted top I just made up as I went along.


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